30 May 2008

AvrMakeGen source code is released under GPLv3.

9 May 2008

AVRMakeGen 2008.05.05 has been released. A whole new .dat processing file has been added and the .dat file has been redesigned to allow for easier CPU addition.

AVRMake is GUI based project manager and makefile generator for the AVR version of the GUN C compiler. One of the AVRMakeGen's main features, one that other makefile generator lack is the fuse setting capabilities. For those unfamiliar with the AVR's, it is a micro controller family produced by ATMEL.

The generator is used to create a .prj file where the project settings are stored. The generator also creates a makefile which passes the settings on to the GUN compiler. A simple INI like file provides the AVR particulars. It is therefor easy to add a new processor. Incidentally if you do, please mail me the INI and I'll add it to the list.

Here is a screen shot of AVRMakeGen in action.

Select the files to include, c standard, output format, and optimization level.

Programmer settings.

Micro controller fuses can be set and many different types of programmers can be selected.
Simply clicking on the fuse description on the right toggles the fuse and sets or clears the appropriate bit in the Fuses.

The makefile.

Here the final makefile is displayed and finally saved.

This Makefile generator is programmed in Borland Delphi5

Download (186 KB) AVRMakeGen 2008.05.05 in 7 zip format
Download (247 KB) AVRMakeGen 2008.05.05 in zip format

Simply create a directory and extract the files into the directory. Then run the exe.

The GPLv3 Delphi 5 source code can be found here

AVRMakeGen (215 KB) source code in 7 zip format

AVRMakeGen (283 KB) source code in zip format

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