QuickBit ver 2008.01.28

QuickBit is a simple yet handy open source tool for software and firmware developers.
Instead of using your calculator to get the hex value of a binary number QuickBit does it for you. Click to toggle simplifies boolean functions.

Last update 12 September 2008 Quickbit source code released.
28 January 2008. added 8 / 16 / 32 bit support.
4 January 2008. (new zip and 7zip files).
update 5 January 2007.
update 23 August 2005.

8 bit

16 bit

32 bit

QuickBit Useful features

1. QuickBit stays on top of your text editor.
2. Click to toggle bits, no need to retype the entire sequence when you only want to change a few bits.
3. Version 2007 adds hex or decimal input.
3. Version 2008 adds 32 bit support.

Download (135K) QuickBit ver 2008.01.28 (7z format)
Download (8K) QuickBit ver 2008.01.28 source code (7z format)

Download (181K) QuickBit ver 2008.01.28 (Zip format)

Simply unzip and run the exe.

Murray Horn.

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