ResCalc 2008.08.28a

ResCalc is GUI based voltage divider resistor calculator.

Version 2008.08.28a provides a new user interface with auto calculate on change.

Version 2008.07.09a adds a resistor power/voltage/current/resistance calculator.

Version 2008.03.28a reintroduces the about window.

Version 2008.01.21a adds an option to set the resistors to a fixed value.

In voltage divider mode :

Simply select the voltages you would like, and ResCalc will find the best resistors in E12 or E24.

The 'Optimal' feature enables the searching for a less than optimal solution.
A reverse calculation translates the percentage error back to an error voltage.


In parallel resistor mode :

Select the resistance you require, and ResCalc will find the best resistors in E12 or E24.
A future version will include 3 parallel resistors and the 'Optimal' feature.
A reverse calculation, calculates the actual resistance.


In hysteresis mode :

Select the upper and lower hysteresis limits and the application will find the most appropriate resistors for you in E12 or E24.

The 'Optimal' feature is also available for searching for a less than optimal solution.

One thing to keep in mind when using the application is that the feedback signal is assumed to be bound from ground to the voltage you are measuring. This makes it ideal for supply monitoring systems.

A reverse calculation finds the voltages you can expect in real life.


In power mode :

Enter any two of the parameters and the program calculates the other two.



ResCalc 20080709a
7zip format (161K)
zip format (216K)

Older versions
ResCalc 20080709a 7zip format (160K)
ResCalc 20080328a 7zip format (160K)
ResCalc 2005.4 7zip format (150K)

Extract the one file from the zip and run it.

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