SourceLine ver 2005.1

Last update 18 December 2006.
Update 22 August 2005.

SourceLine is a line for line file comparison program written for software developers.

This tool is handy for finding changes in software versions. There are a number of text substitution check boxes to prevent irrelevant differences from slowing the user down.

A simple hex comparison mode enables the comparison of non ASCII files. The file's data is converted and displayed as an ASCII file. Thereafter normal line for line comparison takes place.

The 2006.12.18 version of SourceLine adds a binary preview

The 2005.1 version of SourceLine adds a couple of features:

1. Much faster binary comparison.
2. Saving of last used settings and filenames.
3. Adds a new about screen and link location.

Here is a screen shot of SourceLine 2005.1 in action.

Download (193K) Sourceline ver 2006.12.18

Simply unzip and run the exe.

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