Serial Terminal

This terminal application is base on the com32d5 component.

The serial terminal featured here has been specifically created for electrical engineers in that is caters for both ASCII and raw binary data.

Version 20060418A

The new version 20060418 supports both SLIP packet encapsulation option, and file transfer ability. SLIP packets can be sent or received in binary or ASCII.

Version 20060418A removes a minor display bug.

And here is the terminal application in hex mode.

Notice the ability to mix hex and decimal data when in decimal mode.

Here is version 20060417 in SLIP mode.

Download (216K) version 20060418A the terminal application here.
Download (54K) the Delphi 5 source code here.

For those unfamiliar with SLIP, it is a RFC standard protocol that enables simple packetising of serial data. ie. it provides start and end of frame markers. Once a packet has been encapsulated one can expect an average of 1% increase in data size, and an overhead of an extra 2 bytes.

The SLIP protocol can be downloaded here (5K).
A sample AVR project using SLIP can found here.

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