TwinDelete ver 2005.0.1

TwinDelete is an application that hunts and deletes (optional) duplicate files.

This package is ideally suited for collection management, that is, any collection of computer files whether source code, pictures, music files etc.

First "Search" and "Duplicate" directories are selected.
Any files in the duplicate directory will be deleted if a duplicate file exists within the search directory.
A check box enables a search within sub directories.

Here is a screen shot of TwinDelete in action.

Fast Search and destroy.

TwinDelete uses a series of checks to ensure fast and accurate identification of duplicate files.

1. TwinDelete sorts all the names in both directories.
2. Next TwinDelete searches for files with matching names.
3. Followed by a size check.
4. Finally a full binary file compare, comparing each and every byte of the files.

If all the above checks are satisfied, the file in the duplicate directory is deleted.

TwinDelete is programmed in Borland Delphi and is Open source.

Download (208K) TwinDelete ver 2005.0.1

Simply unzip and run the exe.

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